Here are the projects :

In Out Team Room
1 neuroheadset “Emotiv EPOC”
1 Polar HeartBeat counter
1 Kyma-Pacarana System Team1 R306
1 multi-touch table “PolyTouch 32″
1 “Kinect” camera or 1 piezo clip
1 RFID Reader
Unity Team2 R303
FaceOSC  - Siri
1 “Kinect” camera
1 Ethernet Arduino
NAO Robot Team3 R303
1 multi-sensor “Peregrine” glove
1 9DOF
Resolume Avenue Team4 R303
1 iPAd tablet
1 Wii Balance Board and 2 WiiMotes
Pure DataRJDJ
Electric Guitar
Team5 R307

Here are the constraints :

  • The theme of the IP (for all the projects) is BRUSSELS … meaning that you have to include Brussels in the (original) way you choose in your project
  • All the teams have to use real time internet information (RSS, XML, WebService, DataBase, …) in their projects
  • There will be one  Canon EOS 7D camera available for one day / team
  • During the workshop, you can get some help from 2 consultants: one consultant during one day for each group (you will have to book them in a special calendar)

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