Lifelong Learning Programme Erasmus (E111BR89)

This Intensive Program has two main goals

  1. To develop creativity and autonomy thanks to a “learning by doing” methodology.
  2. To create an innovative and interactive HMI Product (Human Machine Interface Product) at the end of the program.

Target Groups

  • Students from Portugal (Coimbra), Austria (Graz) and Belgium (Gent and Brussels)
  • Minimal level for students: 3rd Bach

Main Activities

  • Setting up of students teams before the beginning of the IP
  • Website creation and enrichment during the program
  • Courses about project management, creativity, innovative sensor technology, microcontrollers, command and action upon multimedia systems
  • Learning by doing projects supervised by the participating teachers

Learning Outcomes

  • New technical knowledge
  • Experience in group work
  • Intercultural experience

Expected Outputs

  • A finished product: An innovative HMI.
  • A website/blog to enrich continuously during the program.
  • A public oral presentation with a demonstration of the product, happening at the end of the intensive program in a cultural place IMAL.

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